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Default New Online Index Provides Information to Public on Ozone Hole Recovery

New Online Index Provides Information to Public on Ozone Hole Recovery
Answers to questions about ozone depletion and the recovery of the ozone hole are now easy to find by researchers as well as the general public, through a new online index developed by the NOAA Earth System Research Laboratory in Boulder, Colo. The Ozone Depleting Gas Index uses simple graphs and charts to track progress in reducing the threat to Earth's ozone layer - the protective shield that prevents harmful ultraviolet radiation from reaching the surface. A new chart shows which of the harmful gases are declining, which are still increasing and the overall effect of these changes. Scientists will update the index every year using new data collected from NOAA's global observation network. The index is a number between zero and 100 that tracks the relation between the decline of ozone-depleting gases and the low targeted level of these gases where no ozone hole should exist.

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